Spillage, overfilling and tank rupture are common occurrences with conventional systems.

At a high-volume, high flow rate, every second of spillage leads to more than 15 litres of diesel released into the environment. This leads to negative environmental and financial repercussions. Repairing and replacing ruptured fuel tanks is also cost prohibitive due to materials, labour and equipment down time. 

The Hydrau-Flo® valve system also minimizes the safety and environmental hazards associated with fuel transfer.

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Hydrau-Flo® Features

  • Flows up to 1,500 L/min
  • Fully mechanical design integrated with hydraulic principles
  • Eliminates blockage and electronics failure
  • Cannot be overridden
  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage

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Hydrau-Flo® Valve System

  • prevents overfilling
  • prevents fuel spillage and wastage
  • removes the risk of tank rupture due to pressure build up during and after filling
  • minimises the risk of fire as a result of fuel spillage
  • reduces costs associated with fuel wastage and equipment damage
  • significantly improves safety and environmental outcomes

The Hydrau-Flo® valve system is available in three configurations to meet most equipment needs and types.

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