Founded in Kelowna, BC in 1967 on a foundation of quality and innovation, Northside Industries is a full-service, world-class supplier of precision steel, stainless steel, and aluminum components. Through our commitment to innovation, quality manufacturing systems, cutting-edge technology, and employing skilled and motivated employees, Northside Industries has grown to become one of the largest steel fabrication firms in the Central Okanagan region.

Located in West Kelowna, our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility produces the highest quality products. The team at Northside Industries is committed to providing quality solutions for our customers; Every team member understands that and has direct input and responsibility for quality monitoring and improvement.

Northside Industries maintains specialized systems and programs that allow us to meet a wide range of needs and requirements under one roof. We are a full-service, one-stop shop that offers a variety of services, including design, fabrication, coating, assembly and installation.

Our team’s commitment to excellence and our continued investment in state of the art technology and innovative processes, allows us to work with industry leading companies throughout North America. This strong belief in quality and innovation is what Northside Industries is built on and it is the reason for our strong reputation within the industry.