IronFeather’s socket mounting system takes advantage of existing cutaway offerings. IronFeather™ units mounted to Western Star cutaway cabs are fully integrated with the cab structure for maximum durability and functionality. The NSI IronFeather™ line offers multiple backpack space expanding solutions from 12” to 36”. In addition to added space, IronFeather™ also offers  a rest cab sleepers and three person crew bench seating with certified seat belts.

Western Star IronFeather™ units can be installed prior to shipping at the factory complete or installed at the dealership using the 682-085 open BOC option.

Product Highlights

Name Size Description
CrewCab 36" Integrated three person bench with lap belts
BackPack 12", 24", or 36" Storage
Rest Cab 36" Sleeper
  • Constructed of extremely strong light weight composite honeycomb technology, units have low impact on chassis capacity.
  • Sleeper and crew seats both offer pass through under bench storage, accessible from inside and outside with optional cargo doors.
  • Durable grey interior upholstery with IronFeather’s easy mount back wall system allows for easy and safe customization.
  • Aerodynamic taper front design allows for single or dual cab mounted exhaust systems.
  • Includes single stage solid color PPG polyurethane paint to match cab. Additional costs for upgrade paint, metallic / glamour colors and multi tones.

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  • Passenger side cargo door
  • Driver side cargo door
  • Passenger side window
  • Driver side window
  • Back Window
  • Center Console
  • Polished Side Skirts
  • Accessory Mounting Channels
  • Paint (base model includes single stage solid color PPG polyurethane)
    • Base Coat / Clear Coat
    • Multi Tone
    • Metallic / Glamor Colors

Ordering Instructions

Please complete and submit the below quote form with options. You will receive a quote back within 24 hours. Once price terms and delivery are agreed upon, order truck with the following codes.

*Note: Ensure your wheelbase has been adjusted to accommodate the cab expansion.

Add Option Codes

  • 682-085 Opening in Back of Cab with Temporary Structure
  • 99B-023 Hold for Carco Prior to Shipping

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